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Rebranding A Law Firm

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Since 1991, Harman Claytor Corrigan & Wellman has handled trials and appellate matters in state and federal courts throughout Virginia, Washington, D.C. and the Mid-Atlantic region. HCCW is comprised of down-to-earth, approachable problem-solvers who work diligently together to form one of Virginia’s premiere civil litigation firms. From the receptionists, to the marketing director, to the senior partners — they all exude a warm, welcoming, vibrant demeanor without a trace of excessive formality, ego or legal jargon often associated with firms of HCCW’s stature and experience.

Sounds great right? Unfortunately the firm’s website and marketing collateral did not accurately portray HCCW’s actual culture and brand personality.


While the presence of the firm’s employees and partners was professional, pleasant and approachable, the firm’s branded materials felt very formal, stuffy and dated. Previous brand identity choices seemed to have been made from a cliché law firm palette of navy blue and gray colors, dated serif fonts, marble courthouse columns and impersonal lawyer head shots. Missing was any sense of vibrant energy, down-to-earth communication and emphasis on client needs that make HCCW unique in an industry of sameness.


Rebranding A Law Firm


Research and Discovery
Through discovery session meetings with key HCCW personnel as well as client interviews, we began to develop our key messages and our target audience(s). It was great to hear what actual HCCW clients had to say about their experiences with the company culture. The client answers confirmed that down-to-earth, approachable problem-solver culture did exist. It was then our job to figure how to tell that story visually.

We felt strongly from the very beginning that there were a number of opportunities to make HCCW’s core practice area (civil litigation) more prominent in all materials. This would provide a clear understanding by the desired audience of the firm’s specialty area of expert knowledge and would eliminate inquiries from callers who needed other services. Our main objective was to make the firm’s core practice area exceedingly more apparent throughout HCCW’s branded materials in order to further establish them as the go-to civil litigation experts in the state of Virginia. This realization led us to the single most important thing we wanted the audience to remember. The civil litigation experts at HCCW provide prompt, honest communication throughout the claims process to ensure that the best outcome is reached in your case — with no surprises.

Logo Development
Our approach for the logo was to better reflect the down-to-earth professionalism and warm, vibrant culture that emanates from each associate and partner. We wanted to modernize the logo and strip out all of the unnecessary elements to better reflect the experience potential clients would have. Warm colors were a must along with clean, smooth fonts and visuals. Our designers went down all kinds of rabbit holes to find the right mix of modernity, cleanliness and elegance. It was definitely an exercise in knowing when to stop designing and let simplicity be the strength of the logo.

Rebranding A Law Firm

Business System Development
Once the logo was approved, we tackled the rest of the visual identity system. We again faced the same challenge of knowing how far to push the design to keep it current and sophisticated, but also when to stop designing and keep it simple and elegant. The hash mark shape of the logo lent itself perfectly to a custom herringbone pattern which quickly became the signature design element, showing up on all of the our pieces. For the business system we wanted crisp clean paper stock with presence. We relied heavily on elegant typography with minimal color. Each piece was finished off with a subtle herringbone pattern. For the business cards we were able to emboss the pattern for an extra touch of sophistication and texture.

Rebranding A Law Firm

Rebranding A Law Firm

Website Development
When we began our research into law firm websites, one thing became crystal clear. They ALL look the same. Our designers were bound and determined that this redesign would not look like a status quo law firm site. After many iterations we landed on a format that was visually pleasing, easy to navigate and warm. We also pushed HCCW to break the mold of stuffy headshots and boring list of accomplishments for each lawyer. They deserve a round of applause for putting their faith in us to take them where no lawyer head shot had gone before. We were able to convince them to use a hybrid of a traditional head shot and bright, warm and beautifully composed lifestyle shots. You won’t see anyone wearing a jacket or a tie in their bio shots. What you will see, is a group of damn good looking lawyers who are approachable and worthy of their client’s trust.

Rebranding A Law Firm

Overview Brochure
The finishing touch to the HCCW rebranding package is their new Firm Overview Brochure. Whenever a potential client would contact HCCW for more information they would proceed to mail out stacks and stacks of paper with information on the client’s needs. Our job was to simplify that information into a customized and easy-to-digest brochure for each client. After a lot of research we landed on an under-sized brochure with a business card sized USB nestled in a custom die-cut at the back. We flooded pages with warm images of the HCCW staff and kept the amount of information in the physical brochure to a minimum. We wanted the physical brochure to communicate the culture and experience of working with HCCW and left the nitty gritty details to be digital files on the USB. The result is a saavy brochure that limits waste and gives potential clients exactly what they need to make a decision.

Rebranding A Law Firm

And there you have it. A rebranding that started from a done-to-death logo and website but ended up like no law firm you’ve ever seen. We took HCCW out of their comfort zone and pushed them to their limits. But by doing so we were able to tell their story in a visual way that is efficient and pleasing. Again, we’d like to thank the entire staff at Harman Claytor Corrigan & Wellman for trusting The Flores Shop to make them look good.

Mission: Brand Relevance

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

It’s a well-known fact that marketing for kids has the cool-factor shelf life of a banana. And The Kids On Mission brand identity was nearly banana bread when The Flores Shop was called in to help.

With a tons of category experience working for child-oriented brands like Romp n’ Roll, The Cedarhouse School, Betty Crocker, Little Techie, etc., we know that this audience cycles about every four years. So cool and edgy must evolve to stay…well….cool and edgy—especially when speaking to kids between the ages of 8 and 12.

Mission: Brand RelevanceKids in 1994 would have been wooed by the 3D digital compass, Tron-like grid and colorful clipart that dominated the previous Kids On Mission brand. But Generation Z is growing up not knowing what life was like before smart phones and iPads. They’re extremely brand-savvy and are not easily won-over by brands that don’t speak their visual language.

The Flores Shop began where we begin all brand identity projects: with a Discovery Session to learn more about our client and how we can uniquely position their brand to increase its appeal to their target audience. Kids on Mission had a successful following with nationwide participants and a vibrant assortment of materials, from educational videos to coloring pages. They had some equity in their brand, even though it looked dated because youth leaders are less susceptible to an expired visual-cool-factor than ten year olds. Knowing these important things, we made it our mission to maintain the key themes of the KOM brand (“finding the way” and the compass element) while bringing it up to date with the current generation.

Mission: Brand Relevance

After the creation of a bright, glossy logo featuring energetic colors, shiny textures and lots of depth, we revamped templates for the quarterly magazine and developed a cost-effective, self-mailing DVD package design which includes multimedia materials—saving the client more than $4.00 per piece from their previous DVD production format.

We followed suit with an arsenal of custom system logos, textures and icon assets. We also designed a new website user interface (UI) to compliment the fresh, new look. With this brand toolbox, the Kids On Mission staff can update and create as many pieces as they need while still following the new brand guidelines to communicate effectively with the kids of this generation—and look cool doing it!

Mission: Brand Relevance

Mission: Brand Relevance

At you will find what you love about Richmond, Virginia

Friday, October 28th, 2011

At you will find what you love about Richmond, Virginia

At the Greater Richmond Partnership’s 17th Annual Investors’ Meeting last night, Greg Wingfield and Sara Dunnigan unveiled the new branding, logo, tagline and website that The Flores Shop developed.

At you will find what you love about Richmond, Virginia
GRP’s SVP of Business Development, Sara Dunnigan, unveiling our logo at VMFA (cool!)

We designed for GRP as an online resource for professionals and families who are considering relocating to the Richmond region. The primary purpose of the site is to provide a one-stop “hub” where potential RVA residents can explore hundreds of links to existing websites of companies, schools, organizations, activities and more—all which make Richmond so unique and a great place to call home.



Laying the Groundwork

Research & Discovery:

We began the process of developing the “Richmond Relocation” campaign a few months ago through Discovery Sessions with GRP as well as a board comprised of key business leaders from the region. At these sessions, we worked on establishing our objectives, target audience(s), key messages as well as the personality that the region should project. We even asked the group to define the Richmond region as they would a personal acquaintance and had so many great responses like quirky, unexpected, active, artistic, accessible, family-friendly and even funky! One of the descriptions that stuck in our heads was when someone described RVA, “like a man wearing an Oxford shirt and a bow tie with a neck tattoo sticking out from the collar!!!” It was quite the visual! But also a very telling perspective on the diversity that this region has developed.

Developing the Right Ideas

Tagline Development:
After the Discovery Sessions, we wrote a creative brief which included the “Single Most Important Message: Whatever you want for your lifestyle or career, the Richmond region has it.”

With all heads nodding in agreement, we escaped to our creative dungeon and crafted over 200 possible taglines which would personify the region and what it has to offer. After working with GRP to narrow the list, we landed on “Love What You Find. Find What You Love.” The idea is that no matter what your passions, you can find outlets for them in our region. Additionally, if you look closer at what the region has to offer, you’re likely to find wonderful things that you didn’t even know existed! The reception of these thoughts was extremely positive. So, off to Logo Land we went!

Logo Development:
With such a boatload of amenities and benefits making the region unique, we knew that the  logo had a big story to tell. We presented a number of concepts—ranging from simple, unique type treatments to more graphic approaches. GRP determined that the iconic, collage approach (below) provided the range of history, housing, entertainment, business and activity that would be unique to our area—while conveying the region’s sense of vibrant movement and positive energy.

At you will find what you love about Richmond, Virginia

User Interface Design:
During our Discovery Sessions, we quickly realized that, when researching a possible relocation to another city, every person has a different order to their list of priorities. While cost of living, housing and school systems were common threads, we also had one high-level executive tell us that the very first thing he researched before moving to the region was the availability of bike trails. He said the number of bike trails played a big part in his decision to move here.


Prior to that conversation, in all of our talks about the website, navigation format, etc., NEVER did we think that we needed to design the site navigation in a way that it would be easy to access “bike trails” in as few clicks as possible. But what we learned from this avid bicycler, is that the navigation for this website would be the key to its success.

We needed to build the interface in a way that could be navigated many different ways to accommodate the many different ways that people like to research a new city. Some professionals may just be curious about the overall region while someone who already has a job offer in Hanover County may want to go straight to information about that part of the region. Some families might be interested in area schools in the suburbs, while singles might want to delve right in to the music scene in the city.

So, by segmenting the navigation into the Area/Interest/Category silos, we created quick-access navigation with very few clicks—no matter what the user’s primary interest may be. And yes, we even made sure it was easy to access the Richmond Area Bicycling Association (in only three clicks).

Elasticity is the Key to Efficiency

Being a boutique branding firm, our size makes us nimble, efficient and able to react to any situation on a moment’s notice. To do this, we have developed an arsenal of contractual partners with skill-sets that can be customized to each project’s need or requirements (i.e. – programming, copywriting, photography, SEO management, media buying, etc.). These partners allow us to stay focused on ensuring that the brand’s strategy is visually-integrated into each campaign we develop.

The Richmond Relocation project was no different and we would like to thank our partners. So thank you to Rick Whittington Consulting for programming/coding the website pixel-to-pixel from the original designs. We’d also like to give a shout-out to Zuula Consulting for (once again) writing strategic website copy with great personality, tone and voice. And final thank you to Mary Ann Neary-Gill and The Branching for writing and producing the AMAZING VIDEO that shows how truly incredible it is to live in the Richmond Region!

The Flores Shop Develops Print Campaign With An Interactive Kick!

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

The Flores Shop Develops Print Campaign With An Interactive Kick!The Flores Shop can design a brochure with the best of them. But when Owens & Minor (a Fortune 500 company) approached us to help them with their first advertising campaign in over ten years, we knew we needed to develop something special that would make an immediate impact!

Owens & Minor has been a leader in medical supply distribution for over 100 years. They’re known for their white and burgundy trucks that pull up to warehouse docking stations at hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide. But, in recent years, O&M has expanded their arsenal of services far beyond those of a simple commodity-driven medical supply distributor.

We all know that times these past few years have been challenging. And, while the medical industry may not be affected as much as some other industries, hospital supply chain executives still had to tighten their purse strings like the rest of us. And, just as they had done in decades past, O&M rose to the call of their clients’ needs.

The Flores Shop Develops Print Campaign With An Interactive Kick!O&M developed a portfolio of supply chain solutions, innovative technology, inventory management and consulting services that can dramatically reduce costs for healthcare systems of all sizes.

While O&M is widely known for their distribution services, the challenge was to educate current and potential customers of this diverse, new mix of services and solutions that could literally help save millions in their medical supply chain system!

After discovery sessions with the O&M Marketing team and reading the case studies which proved the company’s effectiveness on paper, we knew we had a great story to tell and—we would use a number of different channels to tell it.

//  Corporate Tagline: To immediately start making a difference in the public’s perception of what Owens & Minor offers beyond distribution, we knew we needed an overarching theme that would be applicable to the message of any O&M marketing within any medium. After writing hundreds of tagline options, our team and Owens & Minor unanimously agreed on “Delivering More” as a two-word tagline that packed quite a punch! It pays homage to O&M’s history of distribution, but immediately addresses the fact that that’s not all they do. And, in those famous advertising words, “But wait! There’s more!” we suggested that the tagline could also be supplemented with various descriptors (i.e. – Savings, Choice, Efficiency, etc.) to point out the specific benefits that these new services offer! Check out the tagline in action!

The Flores Shop Develops Print Campaign With An Interactive Kick!

//  Interactive Brochure: What is an interactive brochure, you may ask? It’s a marketing brochure on steroids! And that’s exactly what we developed for Owens & Minor. We wrote and designed a brochure that provided descriptions of each of their service categories, gave examples of actual implemented savings and encouraged Supply Chain Managers to visit a webpage to learn more about how they could get a free supply chain assessment from O&M.

But the piece didn’t stop there. We incorporated a WebKey (a USB website launcher) into the piece that flips out and plugs into any USB port and—BAM! It automatically launches the user into a testimonial video that we wrote, directed and produced for O&M. The video features a customer who has engaged O&M’s consulting services and is singing the praises from on-high! Users are also able to download a more complete case study with intricate details of how O&M helped their customer’s bottom line.

The best part? The brochure stays fresh! Due to the overwhelming response and success of this piece, we’re working with Owens & Minor on creating three more Success Story videos and supporting case studies this year. And every time we add a new video or other content to the website, the same web key now launches the newly updated site!

So, there you have it…

By the end of this year, O&M will have a 28 page brochure, 16+ pages of case studies, 20+ minutes of professional videos all bundled up in a package that’s smaller than a checkbook.

The Flores Shop Develops Print Campaign With An Interactive Kick!

// Print Ad & Direct Mail: We supported this campaign with a full page print ad in trade publications which featured the same customer, highlighted key areas of savings and drove the reader to O&M’s website to learn more about their free assessment offer. We also developed a direct mail piece which served as yet another reminder that Owens & Minor offers many more services that can help move “the needle” (pun intended) for their customers.

We ♥ happy clients!

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

We recently completed development of an intranet system for Allant Group in Napersville, IL. Here’s what they had to say about their experience…

“We worked with The Flores Shop on a complete overhaul of our customizable company intranet as well as a design of newly created Client Engagement Suites for some of our key clients. We didn’t have the resources, or the expertise, to pull this kind of project off ourselves in the four months we were given to launch it. The Flores Shop designed a site which met every expectation we had, including some very specific and rigid security requirements. There was a genuine concern with making the site easy for us to use and the team went out of their way on several occasions to make changes based on our feedback simply to provide a better user experience. Most importantly, The Flores Shop took their time to ensure that we understood what impact the requests we made would have on our site, saving us from ourselves on more than one occasion. We are thrilled with the outcome and look forward to working with them again as we continue to improve our sites.”

Kara Alvarez
Business Solutions Manager
Allant Group

We ♥ happy clients!

After developing Allant Group's customizable intranet platform, we worked with them to design their Client Engagement Suite for Dress Barn.